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Traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilt

When I was 14, my grandmother began to teach me how to create a double wedding ring quilt in the old fashioned way and we talked about why fabrics were chosen and how it was put together.  The colors that were used meant something to each person that the quilt was for.  Usually, they were made from clothing and bits and pieces of items that the bride to be's family would have collected over the years just for this reason.  Fabrics like dresses, pinafores, jackets, scarves and fine clothing that they put away in chests to keep for such an occasion. 

Today, I am starting a Queen Size Double Wedding Ring Quilt that will be made from Moda's Dogwood Trail II fat quarter fabrics.  My customer chose this fabric because of the bright colors and it reminds her of the colors of her daughter's dresses and clothing throughout the years. 

There will be over 2300 pieces to this quilt and they will all be hand cut and machine pieced together.  I will be long arming the quilting part of it in a very special way....but you have to follow to see that in the end. 

So I am off to start cutting pieces...a great way to spend a Friday evening.  It has been a trying week and I need a little time to myself, not something I usually have but I need to decompress.  Sewing always does that for me, lets see if cutting all these pieces will do the same....haha.  I really just can't wait to open this fabric, its been calling me for sometime now and its beautiful.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt



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  • PEggu on

    Can I please follow the journey somewhere. I am making a wedding ring Quilt for my niece so I can use all the help and advice? Thank you.

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