The Feverish Quilter
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Where is The Feverish Quilter Located?

  • 108 Squareview Lane, Rochester, NY 14626-1686
  • All quilting and quilt services are performed at this location.

Phone Number for The Feverish Quilter

  • 1-585-802-9857

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

What format are the Quilt Block Patterns available in?

  • Adobe PDF
  • Word Document (please request in notes and it will be emailed, will be available on website soon)

When will I receive my pattern?

  • Immediately upon purchase.  They will be available for download and you will also receive them in an email.  If you would like to set up an account, you are able to download the patterns you purchase over and over again. 

    I got the email on my phone/tablet and tried to open it but it won't open?

    • If you have Adobe on your phone, you should be able to view the file.  If you cannot open it on your phone, FORWARD the email to an email that can be opened on a desktop or laptop computer and then open the file.

    How do I receive your Newsletter?

    • Please create an account here
    • Check the box next to Newsletter Updates via email

    How often do you create new quilt blocks?

    • Usually once a week I will post the ones I have made that week, they will all be listed on our Social Networks and our Newsletter
    • Please sign up so you don't miss anything Facebook and at Twitter and Pinterest

    Where do I send my Quilt Tops to be quilted and finished?

    • The Feverish Quilter, 108 Squareview Lane, Rochester, NY 14626-0868
    • Please make sure to look over our Quilt Prep Checklist before sending

    How will I know if you get my quilt and what is happening with it?

    • Upon receiving your package we will update your account and you will receive an email stating it was received.  Every process along the way will then be updated and you will receive emails.

    Can I get a price online by filling something out to see how much your services cost?

    • Yes, please see our listings for Long Arm Quilting, Binding and a few other services here.  Fill in the blanks and drop downs to see your costs for each quilt.
      What is your turn around time for Long Arm Quilting Services?
      • Our average turn around time is 10-14 days, times will vary due to holidays, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer but we can always let you know when you send your quilt tops what the turn around time will be. We do not count Sunday as a day, this is family day.

      How do you have such a fast turnaround time?

      • We have 4 Gammill Classic Machines with Statler Stitchers that are able to run full time (at least 18 hours a day but usually 24) to finish the quilts that come through our doors.  We have another set up of the same that is purely for custom pieces which runs 16 hours a day.

      How do you offer so many services for FREE?

      • It would take us more time to type in all the services on your invoice and charge for them that it would be to just do them.
      • The Feverish Quilter consists of 7 family members and 2 friends of family that work together toward a common goal...to get quilts in, up on our machines and out the door to keep customers sewing and enjoying their quilts whether they are gifts, for personal use or selling them for profit.
      • We have done this for so long it is like line work.  It takes mere minutes to sew a seam on our Commercial sewing machines at 4500 stitches a minute.  We have presses that are 4' long and 2' wide that put most irons to shame. We make sure everything in the box is ready to go first and then we start it on its journey to be quilted.  That way, every other step along the way is a piece of cake!
      • All of that and the love for what we do just goes hand in hand in keeping our costs down which in turn keeps your costs affordable.

      How does this whole Long Arm Quilting by mail thing work?

      • Fill out this form for each quilt you would like quilted and add each to cart
      • Add your Quilt Design/Panto to your cart so we know we have the correct design (these are all free for your use, just add quantity of 1 to your cart)
      • Add binding if you would like us to finish your quilt, or just sew to the front
      • Add fabric for backing if you would like us to supply it
      • Make sure you have added all services you need to the cart
      • Proceed through checkout
      • Send us your Quilt Tops and any materials you are supplying
      • 16-18 days later watch your mail for your finished quilts or track your package online

        Can I select Quilt Designs/Pantos and Thread colors for my quilting before I send the tops?

        • Yes, please browse our vast catalog of Quilt Designs / Pantos and add 1 Quantity to your cart for each quilt you are sending us. 
        • If using blocks and borders, add them accordingly.
        • Select your Thread Colors and add to the Long Arm Quilting Form

        Do you offer a discount if I send many quilt tops?

        • If you have many quilts to send, please contact us for bulk pricing.  Feel free to send as many as you like any time, postage is cheaper the more you send.  We also have a Customer Loyalty Points Program where you accumulate points and can use them for discounts on future orders directly through your account.

        Do you sell fabric for backing or binding?

        • Yes we do.  We sell 100% Cotton Fabric, a Polyester Blend, Flannel and Kona 100% Cotton in many colors.  44" wide, please see listing here.  If purchased for backing or binding, cutting and seaming of fabric is included.  If the same fabric is being used for the binding, we create the binding free also.

        Will you bind and finish my quilt?

        Can I skip the online form and just send my Quilt Top to you and we make the decisions on how to finish it after we discuss it once you get it?

        • Absolutely!  Box it up and ship it to us and we will call you when we get it to discuss the various options and how you would like it finished. 

        I found a quilt top that my mom or grandmother made and I would like to get it finished, can I send it and have you make the decisions on it?  I have no idea what to do with it.

        • Absolutely!  Box it up and ship it to us.  When we receive we will look it over, put some thoughts together about quilt designs, backing and binding colors and then give you a call to discuss the project and get it finished for you to enjoy.

        I have purchased a Table Runner and Potholders that Shari made in the past and I am interested in purchasing some more.  When do you list the extra things Shari & Autumn make?

        • Mondays and Tuesdays are good days to check to see what they have created and have for sale.  Depending on the time of year and how much extra time they have, you can find some really neat items to purchase.  Please check back to view the items on your favorite pages.