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About Shari:

Born and raised in Upstate NY, Shari is the 4th of 5 children. Sewing has been the most important part of her life and started at the age of 6. Shari and her little brother went to their grandparents log cabin in Wellsville, NY one cold and blustery winter to spend 2 weeks. While at their grandparents cabin, little did Shari know that she would start to learn the family traditions and how to sew and piece quilt tops together.

Days started early in the morning with a hearty breakfast and then out to splitting wood with Grandpa Harold so there would be firewood for the pot belly stove to heat the cabin. Once that was done, Grandma Ginny and Shari would sit and talk about family and things in life. This fateful day, Shari asked what grandma was making. Grandma smiled and said 'I am piecing fabric together into long strips, then they will get sewn together to make a quilt top'. And with that, she reached behind her big comfy chair and grabbed a bag of squares, needle and thread and handed it to her. Shari started to layout the squares as grandma had and she watched how grandma sewed them together. A little trial and error and before she knew it, she was sewing right along. Grandma proclaimed 'now we can really get these quilt tops moving!'.

Shari and Grandma worked for 2 days piecing squares together and then strips together. The fabric was from Grandpas' flannel shirts and the colors were beautiful blues, grays, cream with black and they all flowed together to make a beautiful queen size quilt top. Grandma Ginny taught Shari how to sandwich the quilt and pin it together. The back was partially store bought flanned fabric and a few big squares of flannel she had been saving from the backs of jackets and shirts. The two of them sat for a day and stitched a simple meander stitch crosswise on the quilt, tied corners with yarn and buttons and little trinkets that Grandma had picked up here and there that she thought that Shari would like. When they were finished, Grandma presented Shari with the quilt as her very own and as her first lesson of many on how to create and finish quilts.

Shari still has that quilt and all the memories that go along with it put away in her keepsake chest at the foot of her bed. Even though she has made thousands of quilts since that day, it is her favorite of all and she cherishes it very much.

Nowadays, Shari loves to work on her Gammill Machines quilting edge to edge designs for the everyday quilter and once in a while taking on or creating a custom piece for Quilt Shows.  She loves to make tops, be it fabric that she found and it spoke to her or a custom quilt for someone that just wanted one.  Either way....its what she does day in and day out and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. 

As Shari says..."Sewing and Quilting are not a job to me, its my life passion".


About Autumn:

I have always loved the art of sewing and quilting. I can remember when most kids were learning how to play the piano, my aunt, mother and grandmother were teaching me sewing and quilting stitches and how to use the sewing machine. My mother has pictures of me, my feet dangling off the chair with the foot pedal on a kids chair so that I could sew. When I was 7 my father built me a corner unit in mothers sewing room so that I could have everything right where I needed it.

My Aunt Shari is a Professional Quilter and taught me from the first time I started asking questions. She taught me to hand embroider, hand stitch, machine stitch, long arm quilt, digitize for embroidery and create quilts using digital software on the computer. I would help her with some of her quilts with laying out fabrics, getting them ready to iron, cut and then laying out the patterns. I was enthralled and loved to learn. I absolutely love creating quilts, quilt blocks and designs.  I am able to work and do what I love on a daily basis along with my family.


In the office, I have a big part in working with our customers on Chat, Phone, Email. I love to open the packages as they come in for our services. To see what another person has created and put together with their hands and vision is amazing to me and why I love to open the packages and make sure everything is in order and kept together throughout the process here in our Studio.

I love to pick colors and pantographs for those that have requested help in that area. I am always around to chat with and help with any questions that customers may have. Contact me anytime! :-)


The Feverish Quilters give back to their community by creating quilts on their own time for charities and auctions.  Being part of the community and helping out in any way they can is a big part of who they are is very important to them.

We VERY MUCH appreciate the scraps that our customers allow us to keep to use in our quilts.  Without these scraps from our customers, we would not be able to create as many quilts as we do for the charities in need.

THANK YOU to all of our customers that partake in leaving their scraps for us.





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