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Quilt Prep Checklist for Long Arm Quilting of your Quilt Tops

Please check over our checklist prior to sending projects as we want to keep your cost low and time in our hands and on the machine to a minimum.


  • Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing.  If they do not lay flat this will cause folds and bunching on the top of your quilt.
  • Make sure all seams are secure
  • Clip all loose/long thread tails on the front quilt top.  Dark threads may shadow under lighter fabrics so check backside of quilt top for long threads.
  • Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out.
  • Remove all pins.
  • If quilt top is directional or you have a side you would like as "top" of quilt, mark the top with a safety pin and paper.
  • Press the top from the front side, taking care not to stretch and distort.


  • Your quilt should be as square as possible.  We will center and square the top to the machine and back fabric.  We take every effort to keep your top straight by following ruler guides and the lines of your quilt top.


  • Backing needs to be 6" larger than the quilt top   (60" x 60" top would have a backing that is 66" x 66" and so on).
  • The additional backing is needed to be pinned to the canvas leaders on the long arm frame so that we can stitch off for a true edge to edge design.
  • If seaming your backing, sometimes it helps stay stronger if you shorten your stitch length and use a 1" seam width.  Press the seam open OR to one side.
  • We offer a variety of plain colored backing fabric, please see fabric choices.
  • You may send a sheet if you like, every quilt receives a new extra sharp needle so we don't have any problems using sheets.


  • We provide FREE of charge, Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting for your quilt, please view batting page here.  This saves you time, money and postage costs.
  • Customers may provide their own batting, please just send it along with tops.
  • If you supply the batting, make sure it is 6" larger than quilt top.


  • If you would like us to match thread color to a specific fabric color, please pin it with a note.
  • We supply a variety of thread colors, including variegated.  We use Superior Egyptian Cotton Thread and Signature Cotton Thread.
  • You may choose to use any color for the bobbin, we will usually match the back of the quilt or use white. 
  • If a darker bobbin thread is chosen, you will see very small "pokies" on the top of the quilt, it is not due to incorrect tension, it is the locking of the stitches together.  They usually disappear after the quilt is washed and dried.

Quilting Designs

  • You may choose from our vast Quilt and Panto Catalog for your Quilting Design.  We DO NOT charge for you to use any of our designs, it is one of our perks.
  • Edge to Edge Quilt Designs and Pantographs are patterns that are repeated across the quilt from edge to edge, row by row from top to bottom.
  • Custom Block and Side designs may be chosen for showing off certain pieces.  Please contact us via chat, email or phone to discuss your custom quilting work.