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Long Arm Quilting Service

Longarm Quilting Services

When you have finished your beautiful quilt top the next step is to send it to Shari at The Feverish Quilter to quilt and/or bind it for you!  We own and run 2 state of the art Gammill Statler Stitcher Longarm Quilting machines and we are eager to help you with your projects.  We are dedicated longarm quilting specialists and are ready to receive your quilts via mail or drop off.  

Our Longarm Machine Quilting services are:

Edge to Edge:  A continuous quilt design that covers the entire quilt edge to edge at $.02 per square inch.  Click here for Form to fill out to send in your quilts.

Semi Custom - Edge to Edge  We offer separate border and corner designs which falls under custom quilting at $.04 per square inch.  The listing can be put up if you chat with us about your specific needs.

Custom Quilting:  You pick specific pantos/designs/motifs that will be quilted in your blocks and borders to enhance your quilt.  This may even include a design you have found or have hand drawn and would like used in your quilt.

Heirloom:  An individualized treatment for your quilt.  Specific designs and motifs will be quilted in your blocks and borders plus it may include echoing, stitching in the ditch etc.

Quilt Designs and Pantos:  We have the most popular and traditional quilting designs. Over 5,000 quilt designs and pantos available to you to make your quilt exactly as you want it. Search our vast catalog or ask us our opinion...we are always here to help via phone, email or chat.   View our Pantos and Quilt Designs here online.


Click Here for Pricing of our Services


Additional Services

Binding Preparation:  We will prepare your binding strips and then bind your quilt.

Binding Sewn to Front of Quilt:  We will sew your binding, by machine, to the front of your quilt. $.07 per linear inch.

Binding Finishing:  We will machine sew the binding to the front and back of your quilt if you desire to have us finish it off.  $.15 per linear inch.

Custom Pantos:  We have the ability to create custom pantos and line designs to a digital file to use on your quilt.  If you have a drawn line design you have created and would like to use, we will create and then use that design on your quilt.


Computer Printed Quilt Labels:   Let us put together a beautiful quilt label to sew into your quilt with Name of Quilt, Dates, Locations, Sentiments, Name of who it is for or from or anything you would like to put on it so in the future everyone knows a little about who took the time and made that beautiful quilt.  We have the printable cotton label sheets and we will print and colorfast them before sewing into quilt.  Sample pictures are available when the label is created for you to see or make any changes.


Quilting Preparations

Please view our Quilt Preparations page before sending quilts to make sure everything is included and as it should be sent for proper quilting.