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Long Arm Quilt Finishing - Send us your Quilt Tops and get them finished professionally and quickly

We take great pride in finishing your quilt tops.  Sewing and quilting are my passions and I have been creating and finishing quilts for over 35 years.

We charge by the square inch, you can choose size and density of the quilting stitch, choose your batting or ours, thread color for top and bobbin and select other services we offer if you like.

The Feverish Quilter's Gammill Statler Stitcher Longarm Quilting machines "Ginny" and "Irene" can take quilt tops up to 144" wide by unlimited long.

Please see briefly our page on Quilt Prep Checklist when sending your quilt tops.

Figure out an estimate for your quilting below or see our order page here.

The following are priced by the square inch
Edge to Edge All Over Stitch $.02
Custom Quilting - Blocks & Borders or Trimming out Certain Spaces $.04
Heirloom / Show Quilting $.05

Items included in above pricing: 

Loading and Quilting of your Backing, Batting and Quilt Top on our Long Arm Machine

Choice of Quilt Design (Pantos), Edge to Edge, Block to Block or Designs - selection of designs from our catalog you choose to have us finish your quilt top.

Top Thread and Bobbins in any color - Signature Thread 100% Cotton 3 Ply

New Needle for every quilt or every 2 baby quilts

Trimming of your quilt on all four sides


The following are options you may choose to add:

Backing if you are not sending your own: 

Customers usually supply their own backing but we offer options to purchase backing from us and we will seam it if needed for size of your quilt, free.  We request the backing be a minimum of 6″ wider and 6″ longer (3" on every side) than your top for machine framing purposes.  We have a large selection of wide backings at the studio for you to select in a variety of prices. 

If you piece your backing fabric make sure to remove any selvages before you sew the pieces together as they shrink at a different rate than the rest of the fabric and will cause puckers along the seam.


Seaming of backing (if needed)                                      FREE for all quilts

We have the space to spread out your fabric and cut it accurately, we understand that not everyone has the space to do this.  This is a free service we provide.



You may select from our free batting choices or you may send your own batting, please make sure that it is 3" larger on all sides.  This extra is needed when loading the Long Arm Quilt Machine.

We offer a large variety of batting, please view and choose here

We offer batting included with our quilt service because we order in such quantity it only costs us pennies on the dollar.  It saves you from having to pay postage and find a large box to send everything to us in.



We offer the service of binding your quilt to finish it OR if you like to hand stitch to the back, we will machine stitch to the front so you can finish when you receive your quilt back. We will prepare your binding from fabric you provide or if you purchase your backing from us and want to use the same color to bind the quilt, we will create binding from that fabric as well at no additional charge. 

We cut 2.5" strips, angle sew them together and fold in half, makes a nice .25" binding finish size.  For wedding ring quilts we cut on the Bias so please send enough fabric or chat with us if you need measurements.


Thread, Bobbins & Needle:                          FREE / Included

We use Signature 100% Cotton Thread, KingTut Egyptian Cotton Colors, Variegateds and OMNI.  These are the finest and run the best in "Ginny" and "Irene".

The thread, bobbin and new needle are FREE per each new quilt top.  This includes all thread for quilting of quilt top and all bobbins needed.  Top stitch and bobbins can be any color.   Please remember you may see the opposite thread slightly on either side when using different colors.  In some cases this may make a neat design, but in some cases it may not be desired.


Click here for thread information

Shipping:                                     $ 14.95

You will be charged $14.95 for USPS Priority Mail for return of your quilt upon completion at  checkout.  This is a flat rate and all that you will be charged.

If you would like Signature Confirmation, please request in NOTE box on checkout screen.  This service is FREE.


Coupons, Discounts and Loyalty Points Program:                       

We post different Coupons and Discounts on the website from time to time, please watch or receive our newsletter.

We have our Customer Loyalty Program in effect online.  Please sign up and save up your points from each purchase for discounts and free services that we provide.


Rush Orders: 

$25.00 on orders up to $174.99

$50.00 on orders over $175.00

This is per each quilt, not total on order.

We offer rush orders.  We all know that every once in a while we run late and absolutely need a quilt done in a hurry.  We work with you to get your quilt here fast, get it on the machine and back out the door in your allotted time frame. 


Payment Methods Accepted:

We will gladly send you an invoice through our system for your records and so that you may pay online by PayPal or by our Merchant Credit Card Processing Agent.

We also accept the following as payment via mail or in person: 

Personal or Business checks made out to Shari Freeman

Money Order

All Major Credit Cards


You may also choose to send your quilts and pay us after we receive and talk to you about your specific needs on your project.  Please just make that selection on the payment page.


Our Mailing Address:

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