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T-Shirt Quilt Order Form

T-Shirt Quilt Order Form

$ 20.00

You can generally get a 16" square from one t-shirt.  The t-shirt material must be stabilized with a fusible stabilizer prior to assembly as a quilt.  The stabilizer prevents the t-shirt material from getting too stretchy and not being able to be sewn.
A 9 block quilt makes a nice throw quilt but the more t-shirts, the bigger the quilt.  We charge $20.00 per block/shirt to make the t-shirt quilt.  Pricing Includes - cutting the t-shirts, stabilizing them, sewing them together either with or without sashing (your choice).  Also included are the rest of the materials needed that we supply - cotton quilt quality backing, 80/20 batting for center of quilt, top thread and bobbin in your choice of colors, quilting the quilt on our Long Arm Quilt Machine and creating the binding and finishing of the t-shirt quilt.  
There are two layouts
*On a grid like the blue and yellow - The Blue Squares represent your T-Shirts and the yellow is the sashing which borders each t-shirt block.
*Hodge Podge - We take any T-shirts of any sizes, perhaps some fall short of 16" or are over 16" or you want less t-shirt and more design. We cut so that they will all fit nicely into a "hodge podge mish mash" of designs and colors.    We suggest sending a few extra shirts if selecting Hodge Podge so we can fit appropriately.  Any unused T-shirts will be sent back.  Kids love this layout!!

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